International women’s day is round the corner so I thought of writing about the strong souls, women.Not intending to suppress other genders or offend anyone here.Here’s a list of four notable things to be grateful for:

The Queens

  Women today have achieved remarkable success  in almost every field.Let’s praise that female outlier for the achievement and for the struggle she went through.Fighting back, overcoming difficulties thus, conquering life.Salute to those women, who are now in power and have their life in their own hand.It is a tough path to tread. Not every young woman who aspires to be the queen gets the crown on her head. That dedication and determination of the queens is adorable.I always look up to women who take charge of their life and work on their own terms.

You go girl!

A woman is a free soul like every other individual. No custom can bring this sparkling diva down or make her feel low. Yes, there are many who shoot or throw stones at flying birds, that is because they envy the wings you have to fly.Poor grounded souls will always envy the birds and never have the courage to work on building wings for themselves. Remember, it wont stop the birds from flying far and wide. 

Spread girl love

Let’s also eradicate girl on girl hate this women’s day.More than anything we need at this point of time is the support of women to each other. We need to kill the envy or hatred of one girl towards another. May she be your colleague, friend, acquaintance, best friend or even in-law, no matter how she is related to you, she too is a woman like you.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

To all the men reading this, love her, respect her and adore her for who she is that is what every woman craves for more than anything else.Let’s make this women’s day about respecting women for their individuality, praising their uniqueness.Go on, thank your wife, girlfriend, mother or sister just for her being herself. For those who think women are weak and look down upon them.I hope they know from where they got those guts and the nerve to do so. Respect the goddesses around you because if you don’t, she wont stop herself from ripping your guts apart.

Cheers to the young woman! Show the world you can achieve the impossible.

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