Sometimes, all you can think of is walking away. You cannot think of any solution to the problem at that point. It doesn’t mean that you are a coward, it simply means you wish to walk away from the toxicity that surrounds you.   Walking away I feel the need to express I feel the… Read More

Hey there! December special haikus are here! I’m not continuing the format of 5-7-5 now, three lines in my own style. To know what’s a Haiku click here.   Click here to follow my blog  on Instagram To read more haikus click here. To read my previous poem: Mr. Goofy Goofball click here  Previous write-up: Thoughts to paper #1 For any queries or suggestions,  my… Read More

You write, I post (#2) will be back soon, make sure you write something this time or tell your friends to start writing.I’ll let you all know, soon.(Click here to know more about you write,I post).   Mr. Goofy Goofball   Oh him and his plight! He faces people’s aversion  and anger at first sight!… Read More