One of the many reasons I started this blog is because I wanted to get busy into thinking and doing something worthwhile. I started this blog, thinking that it would just require me to write content and put it up, piece of cake right? Now that I’ve come across so many difficulties, I’ve realised how tough it is. Balancing studies and writing, while learning other tactics required in order to know how to run a site on my own, is really a tight rope walk. Considering how messy I am, I’ve fallen on either/both the sides a hundred times by now.  I’ve realised that it is indeed a blessing that I’m busy. Whenever you find yourself sitting idle and feeling dejected, you should know its time to get up and do something worthwhile.

Following is a set of five tools you can use in your toolbox to start getting busy with something:

Get out of your comfort zone:

You might be sitting and thinking that, “I should learn this or try this but nah! I’m too shy for that, I don’t even think I’ve what it takes to be a ____”.  Fill in the blank, for yourself. You really think I’ve a top-notch vocabulary or a perfect command over English for starters? NO. The truth is: it’s good to be a “first timer”. There’s a lot to learn. You have no idea how much your potential is unless you try to be successful at something. You are going to fail countless times, but pat yourself on the back for trying it out of your comfort zone.

Tell people who judge to GTH:

How long are you going to be afraid of the prejudice in society? People might as well have their opinion on which toilet paper you should use. You don’t have time to give a damn about it. Start doing or learning what you want, people love to judge. Be proud of yourself because they notice you.

Honesty helps:

Be honest in what you do, with whom you talk to and the most, with yourself. Being honest helps the other person to connect with you better. Take their help and work on yourself. Learn to differentiate between a growth-promoting feedback and a mere critical feedback in whatever you try a hand at. That helps a lot, trust me.

Creating out loud:

A creative approach helps you to  keep things interesting. Remember the dance step you’d learnt in the last class? You think you can try another equally good step on that beat? What else can you do? Create it in your head and try it out. Variation is nothing without creativity. Google random facts about whatever it is that you are learning just for fun.

Ask yourself: what next?

There is always a two-storey apartment and not just a room for improvement in yourself. Whenever you review your work, you can analyse and figure out what or where you could have done better. Keep experimenting and don’t stop after that one dance workshop you had attended. Start learning español or whatever it is you are interested in next.

At the end of the day, you will be happy that you did something apart from just existing on earth. Think about the truckload of experiences you will have to share, about the many stories to tell your grandchildren, they won’t need a television set.

P.S: If you like my writing or have decided to start learning what you always wanted to, let me know in the comment section below. I will be glad to know that I made a change. You can also see my other posts on this blog, I’m waiting for your feedback.

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