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Calmness is an addiction

Serenity has its style of elation, especially for a troubled mind. Once I get to the state of calm, I don’t feel like leaving this bubble. Because here, in this bubble, is where I get to look at life from a top view. I realise that trivial issues don’t matter anymore. They aren’t even visible from above. For many, it can be meditation, for me, calmness is through the absence of raging thunderstorms of my thoughts. It is a state of mind which resembles the water on the surface of a lake on a day without wind or standing on the sand while waves gently wash my feet. It is addictive because it’s away from troubles and carefree. It strengthens my mind to deal with troubles when encountered.

I make sure that I make the most of this momentary calmness. It is so empowering and comes handy in order to keep things under control. It’s like my heart is on it’s own journey of learning and growing through its bruises. Serenity acts as a cushion around it as it flows through the sea of turmoil in life.

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Photo: By me