I thought of calling this style Haiku but then technically it isn’t so here are three lines of poetry, I hope you like it. Click here to read the previous one.   Heavy rain outside, warm popcorn The couch had never been cozier Television didn’t seem so lazy    Previous poem: Brave Enough click here Previous article:… Read More

To know what’s a haiku click here Make sure you read the post that’ll be up tomorrow! Haiku #7 Raindrops slide on the windowpane I sit inside, on my cozy couch, movie playing, It’s a  chips and couch day     To read the previous haiku click here To read my previous poem click here  Previous article – Busy: An ointment for the broken… Read More

It was a beautiful Sunday morning with dewdrops on the grass outside and on the windowpane. The sun rays fell on Vicky’s face as he woke up to this pleasant, soothing atmosphere. He opened his eyes, took his phone in his hand and posted photos with a caption “waking up to this” everywhere on social… Read More

Old Jack is familiar to you. He has a pile of work due. He thought of shaving his beard once, “Nah!First let it grow in metric tons.” He thinks he has a lot of time, “Procrastinate everything that’s prime.” He has a list of debts to pay, “I like no work, all play.” He has… Read More