I thought of calling this style Haiku but then technically it isn’t so here are three lines of poetry, I hope you like it. Click here to read the previous one.   Heavy rain outside, warm popcorn The couch had never been cozier Television didn’t seem so lazy    Previous poem: Brave Enough click here Previous article:… Read More

Here’s another December special haiku. To know what’s in a Haiku click here.  It feels good to have someone to look after you when you’re sick, doesn’t it? To read more haikus click here. To read my previous poem:Walking away click here Previous write-up: Thoughts to paper #1… Read More

You write, I post (#2) will be back soon, make sure you write something this time or tell your friends to start writing.I’ll let you all know, soon.(Click here to know more about you write,I post).   Mr. Goofy Goofball   Oh him and his plight! He faces people’s aversion  and anger at first sight!… Read More

Hey there reader! I’m sorry I haven’t posted for such a long time.  The thing is, assignments are all stacked up and I’m trying to finish them as soon as possible. It’s been a busy week.  I’ve written an article, a poem and few other write-ups as well but I’m not finding them good enough… Read More

It was Friday evening when my friend asked me whether I was interested to go on a trek to Manali, during the short span of holidays. Adrenaline rush is something irresistible. I agreed to go on a Hampta Pass Trek of 14,100ft altitude in the Himalayas which seemed like a piece of cake at that… Read More