It pains my heart to realise that it’s fallen apart,

The magnificent castle for the first king

It had a fortress and merry rose bushes

Now it stands there- bleak, desolately still

The dilapidated stone walls and archways, give me eerie chills

In the olden times,

Showers of flowers all around it had!

Men came to devour the power, divested these walls of all humanity,

killing thousands, walking half-mad.

In reminiscence of every niche and corner I embellished,

I now walk the grounds in sorrow,

In the memory of my creation where civilisation flourished,

There is no more love left to borrow

I wish I could go back and stop it all

Alas! All great things come to a fall.

I dreamt of a colossal castle reigning in tranquilness

I came by to walk the grounds again through a portal

I was just an architect and unfortunately,I’m no more a mortal.

– Sam

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