I understand that not everyone believes in God. I do.  Here’s a poem for all those who believe in the upper hand:



Here I stand outside your abode
Oh, Almighty,
I join my hands to pray
I have nothing and no one to call of my own
I’m just a poor soul, astray

As I gaze at the crepuscular of my hope
Sitting near the river bank
I think about the money I’ve lost
I wonder if I stand a chance

I keep striving for bread
and keep running away from all I dread

At your doorstep, I burst into tears
Overwhelmed with the courage to face all my fears

I ask for nothing but strength
As I close my eyes and feel your presence
In my euphoria, I fall on my knees
I open my eyes and smile

Putting my strong foot on the ground
I rise up, I rise up and above my hardships
Oh Almighty, I’m filled with only gratitude
Diminished by the divine grace you exude

– Sam

Photo – By Me

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