Down the lonely street I took a stroll, trying to figure out life.

It’s not melodious as a carol, hard times are striking like a knife.

Difficulties in my heart, there’s no one to understand.

If I don’t try to come out of it, heaven knows where I’ll land!

I try to be tougher each time, alas! It’s all in vain.

I bloom and come out as a rose and fate is same again.

An opportunity knocks the door,I feel delighted thinking,

Ah! My boat finally reaches the shore.

The turmoil destiny puts me in, showing that it’s no more .

Maybe it was a small gift for me, God wants me to have a big one.

But he won’t give it for free, so I need to run in the long run.

Hope is a fuel that’s burning, someday I’ll cross the finish line.

Victory is for sure, even if the first prize isn’t mine.