We the people, crave peace and freedom.

We the people, support vandalism and warfare too.

Feeling impregnable behind the rampart of ignorance.

Bewildered soul asks the question,

What to do?

The studded throne of power shines in all its glory.

The path to it has a gruesome story.

Feudalism never left us.

It just changed it’s form.

Ah! I hear the peasant ask,

What to do?

Money, in it’s green armour, lashes the horse of one’s mind.

Owner seems to have lost dominion.

Morals and principles are like carvings inside dark desolate caves.

People pay for getting deranged.

The cynical soul asks the question,

What to do?

Dark clouds of terror are circling perennially.

Makes the inner child want to crawl back into mother’s loving arms.

The sword is now mightier than the pen.

The one who rises in rebellion is beheaded.

Spectator asks the question,

What to do?

Humanity is a tsunami, crashing all barricades in it’s way.

Love and happiness will continue to triumph endlessly.

Destiny always gives a chance to choose.

Remember, the next time you ask,

What to do?

The answer lies within.

-Samiksha Jog

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