Here’s a new poem:


Grounded By Reality

I think about soaring over the oceans, spread far and wide

In search of what’s beyond the horizon, keeping my worries aside

I think about diving so deep that I wait for waking up from sleep

I plunge into the world of dreams, forgetting my frets and unpaid debts


I think about staying in this paradise, hidden from the world

Where happiness beckons, the dew of hope, soft on its lips

I think about this boundless new reality, wondering if I could stay longer

Just then, I slip and fall, off the cloud and straight towards the ground


My heart races like it never did, finally, I hit the hard ground

Surprisingly, I’m alive, I stand up and look up at the sky and wink

Reality hurt, but I cherished the truth, it possessed something I can’t construe

For what is true is concrete, giving the taste of actuality, not always sweet


Instead of losing myself in an abyss of uncertainty

I prefer being grounded by reality