I wanted to rant about this for a long time.



Pretty sure most of us have heard those blasting loudspeakers playing shitty music somewhere in the neighborhood. Every weekend I wonder, “Am I the only boring person here?”.  The DJ that plays on and on without any authoritative control has got me sick of living inside my own house.

I feel like putting my head out of my window with my fist tight and yelling like an old granny, “Curse you, you morons!”

The worst happens when I have exams and like every good procrastinator, I study the night before my exam.  I cannot concentrate at all. I somehow manage to study and appear to be prepared for the exam. While writing the paper all my brain can think of are the shitty DJ songs it heard the night before. I can literally feel that my brain has given up on the paper and is dancing up there. If I don’t get good grades, it’s not my fault, it’s the loudspeakers!

I don’t understand how they have a celebration every weekend. Apparently, these folks have taken the “weekend fun” to their heart. The same songs over and over again with that trash DJ mix is unbearable. There have been times where I have tried sleeping for a while but then jumped out of my skin with a lady’s voice screaming in my ears, leaving my eyes wide open. No, it wasn’t my mom yelling, it was the loudspeaker again. That time onwards I decided to wait for their DJ party to get over and then go to bed peacefully, hoping that it’s not their break time.

These people never get tired! For a moment even if I think that the music has stopped and I begin to feel a smile coming on my face again, it turns into a facepalm frown when I realize it’s just a music drop there. Every time the music plays with those erratic beats I run to close all the windows as if this will stop the noise.

I’m not against having fun. I’m against playing the loudspeakers at full volume and showing off to the world that you are having fun, especially in a residential area. Whenever there isn’t a party like this outside, I feel like sitting near the window, pouring myself a drink and having a peaceful little party of my own.

The view expressed is personal.

– Sam

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