Considering that you are reading this from a laptop or your smartphone, pretty sure that someone has paid for your education. Do you think it was necessary for paying an amount to teach you how to read, write and analyse information? Shouldn’t that be a birthright in today’s world? There are so many pricey schools out there, I don’t intend to comment on any board or school whatsoever. I just think its high time that people seriously consider how much money they need to pour in for their child’s education.  Yes, they have made schooling free in government schools but they have other issues like maybe food supply, a little work on the facilities will go a long way.

“My parents make nice money and they want me to go to a private school so they pay more.” How much more though, any limits?  Why is education treated as a business? A healthy learning environment can be managed in a reasonable fee too, I wonder if many schools actually gave it a thought. There is no point in complaining about the school authorities if parents themselves are ready to pay. A minimal fee for books, uniforms and teaching is only acceptable. A donation for education? No matter your child’s grades you need to pay extra just like that.

Remember the time when people were taught under a tree and for free? It pains in my heart to now realise how much better it would have been if that practice never changed. You must be thinking, oh come on its the 21st century who would go to such a school? It seems like an age old tradition that people are reluctant to follow. Apparently, dowry, sati and patriarchy are not that old yet. Learning needs to be treated like a privilege and not actually be that costly.

 Students want lockers and AC classrooms, I highly doubt the urge of both. Anyway, it is a choice. To all the parents reading this, go check where is all your hard earned money going exactly. Think about it like a bill at a restaurant, scrutinize it carefully. Make sure you made a wise choice. Yes, your child deserves the best but maybe its time for some tough love.

There is enough prejudice in the society already there is no need to judge students through the schools they attend.  Why not all amenities in all schools? There maybe loopholes in the education system I don’t deny those. I think it is time to think harder and work on solutions. It is time for every educated grown up to take this issue resolutely in consideration and think about what they can do to make education cheap. For example, people upload videos to explain a concept, that is a great start, anyone from any corner of the world can learn from scratch. What about those who do not have access to technology? And what about those schools who demand extra money apart from the fee to give admission to the kid in school?

 I recently came to know the “pricey school situation” in education in cities and was appalled by it. My thoughts may be old school. It is just an opinion, yours may differ. It can be a topic for a two hour debate but we don’t need a debate what we need is to create more people who can take part in debates. India needs educated individuals now more than anything. If only people could curb their phone usage(a topic for another article, noted down). I could write this article today only because of my school, I’m grateful and I can proudly say that my parents didn’t have to pay much.

-Samiksha Jog

I’ll try to post regularly and not with such a long gap. If you have any suggestions or want to express your views on making education available for all or you know any organisations that do so, share it,  you’re welcome to comment in the section below.

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