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Mr. Goofy Goofball


Oh him and his plight!

He faces people’s aversion 

and anger at first sight!

He smiles at his own delusion


He stumbles on a staircase,

with one shoe,

Suitcase springs open, unfurls the long list of, 

“what not to do”


He walks down the street in long strides

Greets with his fedora to every woman passing by

Not in shame he hides

Never has he told a lie


Every morning, he brushes his hair,

Straightens and buttons his blue suit,

sprays a pricey cologne, in his fancy flair,

he forgets a matching boot


He says, “Hello, my name is Goofy!”

To a crowd of thousands every night

Albeit he is eccentric,

He earns by making people laugh

at their own plight


and on a crisp summer’s day

Finishing a sumptuous meal

He picks his teeth on a pile of hay

Goes to sleep with the breezy feel


His ways are certainly silly

But what is it to life really?

Fears will be less dreadful when funny

Life will be livelier when funny

Laugh till you gasp for breath

If you don’t crave a mournful death


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