India is a land of rich culture and heritage. It’s progress is splendid over the past years. Here’s how every Indian feels:


My India

A union of countless souls

A rebellion against the wrong

With the power of democratic polls

With the hymns of a patriotic song

Rises, My India


With the colour of vibrant ghagras

Encircling barren lands

The bindi and the jhumkas

And bangles in both hands

Dances, My India


From the fishing nets on salty waters

To the estates of tea leaves to crush

Shaped by a thousand potters

With every stroke of the artist’s brush

Shines, My India


With every unwanted touch

Acts that are inglorious, inhumane

Guns firing, people running,

Screaming with excruciating pain

Cries, My India


Fighting and rising from all the shame

Hands joined to pray and cope

When every sentence ends in God’s name

With the spiritual power of hope

Heals,My India


In the taste of delicious delicacies

In the sweat of common folks

In the essence of rich culture

In the zest of winning a game

Breathes, My India!


Happy Republic Day everyone!

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