I still remember, your touch

Caressing my forehead with your wrinkly hand

I gaze at the sky, while you sing a lullaby

Rice doesn’t taste the same,

without your mango pickle

I miss our talks, our every game

I miss your laugh with my every tickle

Seeing you at the intensive care

Not believing it to be true

I could only stand and stare

I was a kid without a clue

I stood outside that room, shaken

I hoped and hoped that you’ll walk through that door

I remember asking dad where were you being taken?

I realised, I shall see you nevermore

Twelve years is a long time I know

So many things have changed now

Time doesn’t lessen the sorrow

Still I’ve managed to cope somehow

Are you in one of those stars above?

Do you see me everyday?

I send you all my love

I remember you when I pray

Every time I visit a beach

I write your name in the sand

I wish some day you’ll come back

Some day you’ll hold my hand

-Samiksha Jog

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