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I wanted to rant about this for a long time.   I DON’T WANNA DANCE IN YOUR PARTY! Pretty sure most of us have heard those blasting loudspeakers playing shitty music somewhere in the neighborhood. Every weekend I wonder, “Am I the only boring person here?”.  The DJ that plays on and on without any… Read More

I have been busy lately. I apologize for not posting something for a month. My mind was caught up in its own mess. Now that my thoughts are coherent. Thought about writing something. Here’s a poem:   A Smile of Happiness   Tonight, I gaze at the stars Promising myself that I will forget the… Read More

I understand that not everyone believes in God. I do.  Here’s a poem for all those who believe in the upper hand:   Faith Here I stand outside your abode Oh, Almighty, I join my hands to pray I have nothing and no one to call of my own I’m just a poor soul, astray… Read More

Here’s a new poem:   Dwindling Conversations Fortuitously we crossed paths Something between us began budding Lost it all in a game of brimming egos and spilling wraths, Emotions started muddling. Those ephemeral days of joy, sometimes I sit reminiscing.   Words. How funny are they? The heartfelt yarn that knit a fragile bond Now broken,… Read More

There is no reason as such to post this during the Valentine season. It is pretty odd I know to post about heartbreaks when everyone else in the world is busy celebrating romantic love . Nonetheless,  most people I’m sure have experienced heartbreak.   Stages of a Heartbreak 1)  You hate your existence: Can you imagine,… Read More

First post of 2018 is here.   Calmness is an addiction Serenity has its style of elation, especially for a troubled mind. Once I get to the state of calm, I don’t feel like leaving this bubble. Because here, in this bubble, is where I get to look at life from a top view. I… Read More

Merry Christmas y’all! To know what is a haiku click here. Another December special haiku:     Previous haiku: Christmas Eve To read more haikus click here. To read my previous poem: A  Sparrow click here Previous write-up: Thoughts to paper #1… Read More

It’s Christmas Eve! Can you guess whom the haiku is about?     To read more haikus click here. To read my previous poem: A  Sparrow click here Previous write-up: Thoughts to paper #1… Read More

A Sparrow   I open my eyes to see mist Sunlight wakes me, makes me see the day My worry of tomorrow doesn’t cease to persist What happens next is a scene of an unknown play   Just then, a friend comes to visit by It sits on the window lattice, chirping I forget for… Read More

Here’s another December special haiku. To know what’s in a Haiku click here.  It feels good to have someone to look after you when you’re sick, doesn’t it? To read more haikus click here. To read my previous poem:Walking away click here Previous write-up: Thoughts to paper #1… Read More