Old Jack is familiar to you.

He has a pile of work due.

He thought of shaving his beard once,

“Nah!First let it grow in metric tons.”

He thinks he has a lot of time,

“Procrastinate everything that’s prime.”

He has a list of debts to pay,

“I like no work, all play.”

He has a calendar and a clock,

“They are just objects that I mock.”

He should hustle for the target date,

“Who cares? I’ll procrastinate.”

When asked about his avocation,

“Ah! It’s procrastination.”

He thought of being productive,

“But idiot box is so attractive!”

When the clock nears the deadline,

“Now I’ll just sit and whine.”

His best friend is anxiety.

Together they pray to the almighty.

Stress and panic are his friends too.

They make him feel blue.

He sits beside the window-pane,

“My life is so mundane!”

– Samiksha Jog

Disclaimer: The image used in this content is for the sole purpose of representation and NOT for commercial use.