I am tired of climbing these stairs, can I pause to look at them?

I seem to be going no further anyway, as if trapped in a painting

I think and think of escaping, perhaps it’s all in vain

I stand and stare at the red carpet, clasping the ancient wood,

I gasp for air, with my heart pounding, feeling weak and weary.


I wonder how much time has passed by,

I ponder if I should go back, down the ghastly, gaunt stairs

I gaze down at them with a sigh, spiralling into the abyss of nothingness

I say to myself I must be dreaming, waiting to wake up screaming

I run and run, up and above, hoping to get out of here somehow.


Whatever is out there, it sure is heaven.

Suddenly, I see a ray of light coming my way so faintly

My knees just wobble now at the thought of another fleet of stairs

For I would have an endless fall into that spiralling abyss of nothingness

If only you knew how tired I am

-Samiksha Jog

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P.C: By me at Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai