It’s story time..

2/2/2017:Till yesterday I was this person who had given up all hope in life. I found out I couldn’t marry the love of my life because my music is not a success. I had no fixed income. Her father was right. Who would let their daughter marry a failure like me? I had left my town and came to Mumbai with a guitar and a backpack. Initially,I made money doing  jingles for commercials but it wasn’t enough. I was  new to the city, I had a few friends, all of them were busy in their own lives. I felt alone, desolated.I missed mom a lot. I thought of going back to my small town but couldn’t, something held me back every time. I just wanted someone to assure me that everything will be all right. I missed Ananya the most, I promised her father that I will  not see her until I become a successful person. I had this feeling that I couldn’t do anything right ever. I had no idea of what was going to happen the next morning that would turn my life around.

I was depressed for a long time before this strange incident happened with me. I’m still recovering from the fact that it actually happened. I went for a stroll down the Juhu beach early in the morning like on every weekend. The only thing I did that made me feel alive. I sat there looking at the endless Arabian Sea. The sky had different shades of blue, just like my soul. I looked at the fishermen far in the sea and wondered how do they struggle so much everyday. I looked at the early joggers all dressed in tracksuits coming from the rich class in Mumbai. It took no time for all my life problems to pop up in my head and the thought train began, ‘Will I ever be a good musician?Will my financial problems end?Will my parents ever forgive me for abandoning them?Is all my struggle in this city of dreams a waste?Will I ever be worthy enough to marry Ananya?’

Just then, I saw a middle aged man jogging in a fancy tracksuit. He came towards me and stopped. He sat beside me on the right, panting. I sat there looking at him while he took three deep breaths. He looked at me, smiled and said “ Hey young man!Being a forty five year old is tough!Ah,I miss my twenties”, gave me a pat on the shoulder, continued, “So what’s up? Oh, I’m Ajay by the way.” We shook hands. It felt odd but we did look very similar. Except for that nice beard he had and those tiny wrinkles near his eyes and on his forehead that were indeed revealing his age. “Hey, my name is Ajay too. Nice to meet you, Sir. I haven’t seen you here before”, I said. To which he replied, “I know your name and of course you haven’t seen me. Why that frown on your face? I’m you from the future.” I looked at him and gave a big smile, something I hadn’t done in weeks, “Nice try.”

“Really, so, tell me how’s your life going?Where are you heading?” he said. “You know, the usual, I’m tired of struggling and failing again and again.” I just stared at the sand, couldn’t speak another word. He paused for a moment and said, “That is because you are struggling without the fire in you my boy. Do you really love Ananya that much? Then go and practice on your guitar day and night. Forget sleep. Also, call Papa and tell him how much you love him, I’m sure he will forgive you. Call that music composer again, he said you are talented, so give it a shot.” He picked up some sand in his  palm and released it slowly through the fist . “You see that Ajay?This sand is like time, it keeps slipping out of our hand how much ever we try to hold it back. There is no point in sitting here and contemplating over and over again. Get up and get going. Take those strings in your hand and play them till it hurts. Struggle isn’t something you sit and cry about. It is a dark tunnel where you push yourself through, believing that you’ll be out in bright sunlight soon.” I stared at him in astonishment. How did he know so much about me?I gave a bewildered look. He continued, “Remember? In your childhood, you couldn’t swim in the lake and your friends made fun of you? You learnt swimming from Veer uncle. He trained you rigorously and pushed you into the water no matter how many times you cried. You failed so many times but you were determined to learn to swim well and be successful at it.You were the first to jump in the lake from then on when with friends.You need to be your Veer uncle now. Teach yourself to practice, stay determined and strong.” I recollected it and said, “Okay, if I believe that you are me from my future for a moment. Then tell me how it is? Tell me the answers to all my questions.” “Then what is the purpose of living?Find out those answers on your own.” “Just tell me will I ever get Ananya?” I had to ask, he smiled and winked. I looked around and said almost in tears, “You know, people will think I’m crazy if they come to know this”, I turned to my right and he wasn’t there, like just vanished into thin air. There was a message written in the sand, it said, ‘A new horizon is waiting for you just round the corner.Go achieve it.’ I looked up at the lovely blue sky and winked, believing it all to be true.

Here I am today, ten years later, reading this story. I’m a music composer now. A successful dad of two kids. I still haven’t told this story to anyone, it’s just in my computer, waiting to happen again when I become forty five.

-Samiksha Jog

So that was my attempt on writing a short story. If you liked it and want me to write another one, let me know in the comments section below.