Dear readers,

First of all, THANKS A LOT for such an amazing response to the haikus. I hesitated a bit before uploading for the first time. I’m glad you liked them. Don’t worry, I’ll be uploading haikus on the Blog’s Instagram . 

I wrote in #haiku 2 that there will be a surprise for you all, after the last post of the haiku week. Want to know it? Here it is:

Everyone has given this common feedback to my posts, especially the  day I posted  #Haiku 1. That feedback was, ” You write so good, even I feel like writing and expressing”, at that moment I thought, why not give a chance to the readers to write? I’m announcing this, not intending to start a competition but giving all of you, a chance to express. YOU WRITE, I POST. I’m giving all of you, a week’s time to send in your haikus(To know what’s a haiku click here.) or short poems to my email id : . Please make sure you write your name .  In the end, I’ll pick a few  poems and post them on the blog with your name. If I’m lucky enough to get a lot of short poems, written by you guys, I’ll try to post as many as possible. All of us  will get a variety of writing styles to read. You know what the best part is? You can write in any language you want to, but please put a translation in English below it.

Feel free to write whatever you want to. Let’s just start our own little reader-writer community, shall we?Come on now, pick up your pen or your laptop and express!


– Sam

Click here to continue the dose of haikus(today’s haiku is already uploaded, go see!). 

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