As I mentioned in the #Haiku 1 post that I’ll be posting some more writing pieces on the blog, this is a snippet of my thoughts during the Diwali  holidays. As we say goodbye to October with our memories of Diwali, here is something I would like to share, I hope you all like it:

                I removed the earrings, the bangles, all the festive dress-up was gone, changed into my pyjamas. Taking a piece of chakli  from a tin in the kitchen, I passed through the hallway with a gleaming, canvas-like floor, filled with bright colours and lights. I went and sat in the balcony, munching the chakli  and contemplating with every bite. The windows and balconies of other buildings were shining marvellously. I gazed at the night sky as fireworks lit it up. Like a symphony they lit, one after the other. Is it weird that just by seeing the wonderful fireworks I felt happy? I sat there watching, munching, thinking. They just lit up the sky as if explosions symbolising happiness, popped up from every lane in the city. I know they harm the environment, of course fireworks are bad. I just love the thought of light coming up like a shooting star from nowhere, devouring the darkness in its way. I wish we had portable “light-wands”. We could throw some light in the dark sky  whenever we felt genuinely happy( I know,I’m a fantasy freak). After all, in our deepest, darkest times, seeing someone else’s happiness might bring back the need for the lost feeling and the struggle to bring happiness back in our lives. If not anything else, a smile on our faces for sure.

I promised myself to cherish this memory, this moment of peace.

After all,

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”   – Albus Dumbledore

Yeah, I was among those potterheads who cried at the time when Dumbledore died.


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