Sometimes, all you can think of is walking away. You cannot think of any solution to the problem at that point.

It doesn’t mean that you are a coward, it simply means you wish to walk away from the toxicity that surrounds you.


Walking away

I feel the need to express

I feel the need to show dismay

But I have nothing to say,

I choose to walk away


I wonder if those eyes ever speak the truth

The cold in your heart is where I freeze in

Those false pretences prod me to know the reason

alas, the sun remains the same in every season


I’ve words in a scabbard,

to cut wounds so deep

For I’m not a coward sheep

But I smirk at the sheer stupidity and

tonight, at this hour of midnight,

without a teardrop,

I only choose to walk away

– Sam

Photo: By me

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