In the last post called Surprise!!  ,I gave all you readers a chance to express (to know more click here ).  I’m hoping for more emails next time, maybe next month. Do you want me to start this as a monthly thing? Let me know in the comments section below. Here are a few lines to read by our reader-writer friends, sit back and enjoy:



By Sara Natu







Both by Tejas Bait


Sitting on his knees & giving his right hand he approached her desperately as she was his last hope,
utter silence on her lips the lady removed a coin from her purse and gave it to the lame beggar

by Priyansh Modi



Raindrops on my face,
dark clouds on the horizon,
I hold back the tears

By Madhur Tayade


परवा तो जाता- जाता काही सांगून गेला….
मला वाटलं …. आजही बरळला!
पण मनातलं खर सांगून गेला!

Translation: Few words spoken and he left, I thought he was blabbering as usual, I was wrong, he spoke his heart out.



सोसण्याच्या नादात
राहून गेलय जगायचं
नटणं मुरडण शेकवत बसलेय चुल्यावर
कपड्याच्या दोरीची लांबी- रूंदी माझ्या आयुष्याला पुरली
आणि खर सांगते लोक हो…. मी हसता_हसता रडली

Meaning: I’ve lived so long, suffering it all, have I actually lived? Fun? All lost in the struggle for survival. To tell you the truth, I’ve cried and cried with a smile on my face.

Both by Gauri Kale



All the rides on your shoulder which you gave me bore an ethereal sense of warmth in them and that’s when my life’s disarray was at its minimum, when assertion was tangible to me, my trivial whims; all fulfilled, even dusk seemed like dawn….all of these feelings are now looped into memories, which wisp right through my fingers.Did I grow up too soon ?

By Sai Prahladh


THANKS A LOT for sending your emails readers, pat yourself on the back for it. I’m so happy. If you want to tell these amazing writers how you liked their writing, put it in the comment section below, I’ll let them know.

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